December 19, 2012


Welcome to The MindfulWay blog. This is space that was created for every parent out there ...

Regardless of the age of your child, The MindfulWay can guide you as you continue to grow as a parent. At the heart of the MindfulWay philosophy is the vision of helping parents continuously work on BEING WITH their child in a way that makes parenting more enjoyable and more rewarding for both the parent and the child. To learn more about The MindfulWay philosophy you can visit the website 

The postings you find here are intentionally designed to help you cultivate positive changes in your self and in your everyday interactions with your child well as other children you have the opportunity to connect with. By offering a glimpse into some common, but cumbersome parenting struggles, you will find that you are not alone if you feel that parenting is some of the hardest work we do in life. 

You will discover here that there are many, many ways to approach any given problem with your child. That's because parenting well is not about finding the "right" response, but finding the healthy response that fits and works for YOU and YOUR CHILD. As you integrate the practical, easy and effective practices of the Mindful Way, you will experience more congruent, authentic and mindful moments as a parent with your child. And I will be thrilled to hear when and how that to happens for you!

The challenges and concerns we encounter with our children often occur within the context of very busy, hurried, complicated lives. Moment-to-moment as we walk through our day, problems pop up when we least expect them. Unfortunately some of the biggest challenges arise when we have little or no time (and patience) to deal with them. 

To make it a little easier to apply the MindfulWay practices to your everyday life you will see that every entry includes a story ....these are stories from real parents, with real struggles... all written in a way that helps you experience the interaction through the eyes of both the parent and the child. 

If you find yourself interacting with your child even a little more mindfully every day after reading any of the entries here, then this blog has served its purpose. If at anytime you are open to sharing your own parenting experiences with me, I welcome them always. 

As with everything that is worth doing, there is no better time than NOW to get started parentung the MindfulWay.

Happy parenting!